Type 2 diabetes

Going for regular check ups

Type 2 diabetes check ups help to make sure your condition doesn’t lead to other health problems, eg with your eyesight, heart or your feet.

Every 3 months

Long-term blood sugar checks (HbA1C test)

Checks your average blood sugar levels and how close they are to normal.

You have these checks every 3 months when newly diagnosed, then every 6 months once you’re stable.

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Once a year


Checks if you’ve lost any sensation in your feet and possibly for ulcers and infections.

You have these checks once a year. Speak to your GP if you have cuts and bruises on your feet.

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Checks for damage to blood vessels in your eyes.

You have these checks once a year. Speak to your GP if you have blurred vision.

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Blood pressure, blood fats (cholesterol) and kidneys

Checks for high blood pressure, heart and kidney disease.

You have these checks once a year.

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Why it’s important to have these check ups

What happens after your appointment

The person you have the appointment with, for example your diabetes nurse, will tell you how long it takes to get the test results and if you need to come in again.